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Successfully deploying an application goes beyond the initial rollout. Even with perfect execution, challenges can arise if employees do not engage with the application, struggle with tasks, or encounter performance issues. Traditional support methods often fail to address these problems effectively. To ensure seamless adoption and optimal performance of enterprise applications like HCM, ERP, ITSM, and CRM, organizations need a solution that provides greater control and visibility into how an employee interacts with web applications.

Nexthink Adopt offers this solution by enabling organizations to monitor employee interactions with their software and provide real-time, in-app guidance. By overlaying applications with Nexthink Adopt, organizations can deliver exceptional user experiences, simplify software adoption, and maximize their applications' potential.

Nexthink Adopt empowers organizations to take control of their application deployments, ensuring success by improving data quality, boosting productivity, and enhancing user satisfaction. This digital adoption solution helps overcome application limitations and plays a crucial role in driving effective usage across the organization.


In-application Guidance

The nature of enterprise software brings with it frequent updates and new feature releases. Communicating these updates to users, collecting feedback, and encouraging adoption can be an ongoing challenge. On-demand content and pop-up communications guide your employees to value faster, helping build application knowledge, keeping them up to date, and ensuring your business gets the most out of its software investments.

Core Analytics

Maximizing software adoption can be challenging, especially when users have to switch between multiple applications and deal with their different interface. Users lose confidence, administrative burden increases, and adoption rates begin to decline. Through monitoring how users interact with your in-app guidance, you can quickly identify where isupport may be needed. Using this data to target your adoption efforts means you can deploy guidance where it will have the greatest impact.

Advanced Analytics

Advanced Analytics adds the capabilities for customers to understand how users are interacting with technology. [DW1] [AS2] Our powerful machine learning and analytics capabilities mean you can pre-empt adoption challenges and deploy the relevant support before issues occur.

Experience Mining

Many organizations know they have a digital adoption problem. The trouble is that they cannot identify the areas within their digital landscape causing the problem. This results in misinformed and often ineffective fixes. Not only are your digital experience teams wasting time creating support content that’s not needed, but potentially adding to digital friction. Deploying Adopt in ‘Experience Mining mode’ alleviates this issue and pinpoints your adoption problems. See exactly where users spend their time, take too long on tasks, or appear to be stuck, all before configuring any support material. So, rather than peppering applications with random help and guidance, you can proactively place support where it will have the greatest impact. 

Key benefits

  • Solve every application challenge with DEX-backed digital adoption solution

  • Make digital transformation efforts a success with proven AI-driven predictive analytics and insights

  • Demonstrate ROI on application investments with control over end-to-end application success

  • Boost user productivity with contextual in-app guidance

  • Reduce errors and process inefficiencies with moment in time support

  • Expert guidance from a Center of Excellence of digital adoption experts

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